Without cars, we would have to bike or walk everywhere.

Cars have helped a lot since they were made, and I am very thankful.

Cars have been around for a while now, (January 29, 1886), and have improved a lot since then. I mean, look at the first ever car made, (left), compared to a newer version of car (right):

Big difference, right?

Cars consist of a LOT of common things, including a steering wheel, wheels, and an engine, (This is commonly a V8, 'V' standing for 'Valve', and 8 meaning the number of the valve's). But they also consist of things you wouldn't think of instantly, such as a chassis ('shas-ee'. The base of the car), suspension (springs keeping the wheels separated from the car), and a grill (The front 'cage' part of the car, letting air through for the air conditioner, but not much else).

A lot of companies, like tesla, have gone electrical, meaning that they no longer need petrol, and instead use electricity to move. This is a lot better, as even though it takes a lot more electricity than petrol to go the same distance, It produces zero CO2. This means that we are giving the plants less to breathe. Caring, I know. Here is tesla's newest car. (From early 2021)

This car can:


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